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My Author Friend: Lisa Cloherty

Today I would like to introduce you to Lisa Cloherty, author of Katie Spector the Art Collector (illustrated by David Rodriguez). About the Book: Katie Spector creates art everywhere she goes. She makes lions from lint balls and snakes from straw wrappers. Mom tells Katie to pick her favorites and get rid of the rest. Get rid of her art? Impossible! Katie decides to stash her creations in the closets and crannies of her house. What will happen when a summer storm blows the li

My Author Friend: Songju Daemicke

Today I want to introduce my author friend, Songju Daemicke. Her STEM book, Tu YouYou's Discovery: Finding a Cure for Malaria. Illustrated by Lin. Read through my interview with Songju Daemicke: How many years have you been in publishing? I started writing in 2012 when I attended a free English class for foreigners at our local community college. The draft for my first book, A Case of Sense, was actually one of my class assignments. The positive response I received for it fro

My Author Friend: Nancy Tupper Ling

I am so excited to begin my blog, MEET MY AUTHOR FRIENDS. First up is Nancy Tupper Ling. Nancy has written a wonderful book For Every Little Thing, that is beautifully illustrated by Helen Cann. Read through my interview with Nancy: How many years have you been in publishing? My very first published poem came out in 1999. My first picture book in 2009, and now For Every Little Thing is my tenth book in 2021. I guess that means a LONG time. Tell me how many years you have been

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