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My Author Friend: Lisa Cloherty

Today I would like to introduce you to Lisa Cloherty, author of Katie Spector the Art Collector (illustrated by David Rodriguez).

About the Book:

Katie Spector creates art everywhere she goes. She makes lions from lint balls and snakes from straw wrappers. Mom tells Katie to pick her favorites and get rid of the rest.

Get rid of her art? Impossible!

Katie decides to stash her creations in the closets and crannies of her house. What will happen when a summer storm blows the lid off her sneaky secret?

Tell me more about your book and share about your illustrator.

I was unbelievably lucky enough to work with David Rodriguez. He is from Venezuela but is based in Connecticut now. We worked closely on this book and over the two years it took to complete the story, we became friends and champions for each other. Our collaboration was such a joy and I think thKKat showed in the final result. I will be rooting for him and supporting him for the rest of our careers.

Could tell me how many years you have been working on this book before you got a contract on it for publication?

I began working on this book 4 years ago. I spent a year submitting this story to small presses and literary agents. I received a lot of positive feedback, but they never found a perfect home. I had the opportunity to meet with author Jane Green who encouraged me to consider self-publishing. I hadn’t considered that option but after discussing the process with her and few author friends who had also self-published, I got excited about the idea of having so much creative control. I was connected to the illustrator David Rodriguez and after seeing his vision for Katie I was overjoyed. We collaborated on this story for almost two years until it’s publication in Sept 2021.

Is this your first publication? If yes, do you have other manuscripts under contract or preparing for submission (if you want to share). If no, talk about your other publications.

Katie Spector the Art Collector was my first publication. I am excited to say that my next story, Terrance the Hothead, a book to help children manage big feelings, will be traditionally published in March 2022 by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association Press (ASHA press).

Do you write full-time? If no, what do you do besides write?

I am a pediatric speech-language pathologist by day and a writer by night. I don’t think I could ever write full time because I would miss my speech students too much.

What inspires you to create picture books? Do you write any other genres (MG, YA, adult)?

I would say that my biggest inspirations are my children and my work as a speech-language pathologist. Most of my stories revolve around community, family, and self-acceptance. My first book was inspired by my daughter and my second by a speech student of mine. Writing and working with children are two important parts of who I am. I don’t think I would be as inspired of a writer without my work as a speech pathologist.

What is your favorite thing about being an author?

I love reading my book aloud to children. I love seeing their faces light up when they find parts of themselves in the character. I have so many favorite books that I saved from my childhood. My greatest success would be if one of my books became a favorite that was passed to the next generation.

What is the most difficult thing about being an author?

I think the hardest part of being an author is the constant rejection. Even after you have several books published you still have to find peace in the fact that your work will not resonant with everyone. Being an author can be a lonely business so finding a tribe of writers who will support you in the successes and the failures is essential. I have been lucky to find my tribe in my critique partners and with other authors. Having the encouragement of other writers and authors makes the bumpy ride towards publishing more fun.

If you could tell an aspiring author one thing, what would that be?

The journey to becoming a published author looks different for everyone. Whether you self-publish, traditionally publish, have an agent or not means little as long as in the end you have a beautiful book that you are proud of. Think outside the box and keep working towards your dreams.

To follow Lisa, connect on:

Instagram: @lisaclohertybooks Twitter: Cloherty_Lisa

Now it is time for the fun…a Giveaway! Comment below to be entered in the giveaway of this wonderful book! Just in time for the holidays. Comment by December 15, 2021.

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Sounds like such a fun book! And I appreciate the pros given for self publishing. Congrats on your upcoming book 😻


My three year old grandson LOVES Katie Spector. He asks me to read it (and again) each time I visit. He often finishes some of the sentences when I hesitate at the end. He always asks about the storm too. It's fun for him to look for Katie in the last spread too.


So interesting to read about Lisa's author journey and also to read how her own children and her students are critical sources of inspiration for her. And a great big YES!!! to the her wish that her book becomes a favorite that gets passed down through generations - To me, that is an author's ultimate dream.


Mary Haque
Mary Haque
Dec 03, 2021

I love this title!!❤ The cover is adorable too and it really sounds like a fun read!!


Lindsey Aduskevich
Lindsey Aduskevich
Dec 03, 2021

Such a wonderful interview! It's been amazing to watch Lisa on her publishing journey. I'm looking forward to seeing many more of her beautiful stories.

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