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Find out what books are coming out for Sherry Roberts, author. Her debut book, Twas the Night Before Christmas...A First for Gus, available for pre-order now. This is the first in the Gus series. For more about this book and others, just click to find out more.


The author has a love for photography. Here you can view her landscapes, florals, birds, and more. Hope you enjoy.


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Read blogs by the author about her publishing and photography adventures.

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Meet Sherry Roberts. Author

Sherry Roberts holds a graduate degree from the University of Louisville in curriculum and instruction. She has taught middle school through college level in her over 30 years of teaching. She also has conducted technology camps and workshops for K-12 students, as well as teachers.

She began creating stories with her nephew and later her nieces. This grew to writing children's stories for others to read. Her love of dogs, particularly basset hounds and rescue dogs, led to a her first series about a dog named Gus. She has had two basset hounds, Princess and Samantha. Samantha was one of three sister dogs that included the Sherry's brother and sister's families.

Watch for Twas the Night Before Christmas...a First for Gus, the first book in the series about Gus, the shelter basset hound puppy, coming in August 2021 (publisher: Young Dragons Press).



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