Book by Sherry Roberts, Author

Look at the debut picture book by author, Sherry Roberts.  More books to come at a later date, so keep checking back.

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Twas the Night Before Christmas...A First for Gus

Little Gus, a basset hound living in a shelter, is excited and nervous. It is the night before Christmas. There are so many lights and noises in the shelter for him to sleep. Suddenly he hears a loud noise outside in the shelter yard. Like any good little hound, he has to check it out. Follow the adventure as he explores what is happening outside.  

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Keep watch! There will be more to come.
Just like a caterpillar prepares for its metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly, writing takes time to go through the stages to become a book. Watch for the butterflies to emerge into beautiful picture books, just as the beautiful butterfly seen here.