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Middle Grade Books

By Author, Sherry Roberts

Here, you will find information about middle grade books by author, Sherry Roberts. You can find links for ordering a book, as well as a link to leave a Goodreads review for any of her books.

Middle Grade Books: Work

The Galaxy According to Cece

Excited about her first year of middle school, CeCe and her friends anticipated all the fun they would have in their new school. That was until the BIG announcement. Her family was moving across the country. Her dad called it the 'great adventure', but to CeCe, it was the 'badventure'.

She was starting a new school where she didn't have any friends. What would the kids at school think when they found out she lived in a weird house? What if they don't have a school band? What if they don't have girls' soccer? Would there then be a city league she could join? What if she never makes friends? So many "what ifs" for one eleven-year-old girl to think about.

Why would her parents move at such an important time in her life and to such a weird house? And why does everyone in town think the house is haunted?

This book is available for pre-order now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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