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Book Reviews:

Editorial Book Reviews

MIddle Grade Books

The Galaxy According to Cece

"Sherry Roberts's book has so much to offer! Most of the story focuses on the transition after a big move and many children will be able to identify with Cece's feelings, even if they apply these to the way they felt when they moved from an elementary school to a middle school. Strong themes of friendship are present throughout the story and Cece's new friends help her feel braver as she deals with bullying. I enjoyed the paranormal hints and was pleased by the surprise ending, opening up the potential for a series. The star chart and coordinates for Cece's star are a great way to keep readers involved after they turn the last page! The Galaxy According to Cece is a good choice for middle graders who enjoy stories about adjustment and friendship with sports and paranormal references."

Picture Books

What's Wrong with Barnaby?

What's Wrong With Barnaby? received a 5-star review on Readers' Favorite.

"I’m sure many children experience the blues just like Barnaby. They wish the snow or rain would disappear when they become bored. Nothing they do will keep their attention for long. Barnaby suffered from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which can affect both adults as well as children. I liked how Barnaby dealt with SAD. He didn’t want to have the blues and tried different activities to stay happy. Sherry Roberts has written a lovely story that shows how children can cope with seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The illustrations by David Sanchez are also nice too. What’s Wrong With Barnaby? by Sherry Roberts is a picture book that parents and teachers will find useful to help children fight the blues. I recommend it."

Hello, Can I Bug You?

"Sherry Roberts’ picture book story, Hello, Can I Bug You?, is a clever way to introduce differences to young children. We’re all different and we all like different things, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. The story is told in simple language so young readers can follow along and the colorful illustrations help move the story forward and even add a little humor. The double meaning of the word 'bug' will have young readers chuckling as they learn that the word 'bug' in the title is a verb and the bugs Jasper studies are nouns. While the message is about accepting others even if they’re different (which everyone is) and even if they’re shy and they like bugs, there are other educational elements, too, like the different bugs Jasper studies. Overall, a fun read."

The Best Reading Buddy

"This picture book is a real treat. Simple, concise, with a special dose of lightness, fun, and well-described action scenes, Sherry Roberts' The Best Reading Buddy is the ideal book for keeping a child's interest. The characters are charming and fascinating to follow. Sage's granddad is the sweetest person, and Sage is a curious little girl. There is never a dull moment whenever these two are together. Marta Taylor's lovely art immerses the reader even deeper in the moment. The images are so creative that they vividly capture Sage's and Granddad's emotions and attributes. This is more than a captivating read that will keep little ones entertained and educated with valuable life lessons, such as the value of not being afraid to ask questions about things they don't understand. This book is a clever way to inspire a positive connection to books and reading. After reading the book, Sage and Granddad's lively moments might even encourage your child to want to get creative and invent games that you can play together."

Sonnet, Sonnet, What's in Your Bonnet?

"One of the best things about Sherry Roberts’ Sonnet, Sonnet, What's In Your Bonnet? is that it encourages children to take an interest in nature and gardening. The book is designed to make you feel like you are exploring a friend's garden, discovering new and fascinating things. Children who read this story may be inspired to start their own gardens or become more curious about their environment. Parents who want to raise nature-loving children will find it a valuable addition to their child's bookshelf and an excellent way to introduce them to the beauty of nature and help them appreciate flowers at an early age. The stunning and vivid photographs of the flowers will surely capture their attention and inspire them to learn more about the natural world. Highly recommended!"

Twas the Night Before Christmas...A First for Christmas

"The magic and thrill of the Christmas season are captured in Sherry Robert’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…A First for Gus. Young readers will be captivated by the warm and bright illustrations, the fun and upbeat rhymes, and the excitement of traveling with Santa as he delivers gifts. Everyone will be rooting for endearing little Gus to find a loving and permanent home. The useful reminders about pet adoption may spark discussions about the love and attention pets need. The link at the end of the story feels like a treat and children will be delighted to discover more about Gus. This engaging and uplifting story is sure to become a family favorite throughout the holidays."

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