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Starting the New Year off with a Storm

Updated: May 15, 2021

As 2021 begins, I will be participating in StoryStorm for the month of January. This is a wonderful opportunity to consider new ideas for Picture Books for the coming year. To kick start my writing for this year.

Have you ever wondered what you would write about? How do you come up with ideas? Sometimes it is a picture, a quote, a saying, an adventure you have taken, memories from childhood, maybe it is even something your child, niece, or nephew has done that sparks that story.

Whatever the reason, just write. Don't worry the first time through if everything is ok, if the word count is on target, or even if the story is good. Just write. Let the story come from your heart and let the adventure begin. For me, StoryStorm is that opportunity to let the ideas just flow and not be hindered.'

If you want to join or learn more, go to and you will find all the information.


I got through the month of January and managed to get 32 story starters. No all of them will not become best sellers. Some may never even become books. The point of StoryStorm was to get the creative juices flowing as we began the new year.

For myself, I needed this jumpstart. 2020 for me and many others, was so much to handle and focus was just not there. I was not feeling very creative and very isolated. This simple activity helped remind me that there is a community to be involved with to help keep me motivated and encourage me as I continue on this journey writing.

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