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Learning Your Craft

It is important with any craft or skill, one continues to educate, update, get back to the beginning.

This often means participating in continuing education, taking classes, or participating in events to learn more or to refresh. Writing is just one more area where we can always learn more. Share with others. Communicate with others who share your passion. This is how you can improve or develop your craft/skill.

One way I have chosen to "hone my craft" is to participate this year in 12 x 12. This journey is 12 months long and it is the dream that 12 new drafts for picture books will be developed during this time. Hence, the name 12 x 12.

Wow, what I have learned so far and we are only into March! So many have shared their knowledge, asked questions, encouraged,, and provided constructive critiques of my work.

When you think of writing, remember it is not always a solitary activity. What you write can feel like a very lonely activity, but when you share your work with others, it will become a creative activity that brings so much joy. Whether you are a writer who writes to acknowledge that creative side of yourself and never want to publish, or you are a writer who writes to share your work with others, just write. Create. Hone your craft. Join others in your journey.

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