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Alfa Romeo 156 ELEARN Rar hampcer




The alfiero 156 the most economical car, it was also the car with the best performance both on the race track and on the roads. Today, they are very rare, mainly because few people know how to fix the car and because they require a lot of time and effort. It is a shame because the 156 is the best car ever built by the company. The starting point is the 3.0 liter V6 with 340 hp at 6,750 rpm and at the moment there is no other engine that can offer more torque. The engine used in the alfiero was a hand made unit which can be very exciting because there are a lot of possibilities for tuning. The manual gears are a beautiful part of the car that is being sent to the ruin. These gears are the motorized versions of the ones present in the original car and they are working like a charm. The bodywork is made out of light alloy and it looks great, the car is perfect and has no rust. The top of the car has disappeared for good because it is no longer used by the owner, who was an architect. The car has been restored for a long time and it looks absolutely brand new. All the technical details are present and the car has been completely restored, no spare parts have been removed. This is a great project because it is based on a historical piece of art. The car has been rebuilt and restored from scratch and it has been used only by the owner for a long time. It has never been put on the road. It is a beautiful example of the power and talent of the people from american motorsports. Alfa Romeo 156 at the restoration studio The result of the work is a perfectly restored car that has a body that is not damaged and can be used for example as a taxi. The car is perfect and it is worth looking at. Alfa Romeo 156 1403 model The car is a 1403 model. There are 14 in the series but this one is also one of the rarest, mainly because there are not many of this model left. The owner was using it for years and there were no problems, the engine was always ready to drive. He had it for many years and kept it under the bed. In the morning he heard a noise in the car and found out that the suspension had been broken. The car had been under the bed for so many



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Alfa Romeo 156 ELEARN Rar hampcer

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