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So You Think You are Not a Writer?

Welcome to SJRoberts Creative!

Just a bit more about me, Sherry Roberts. As a teacher, I am always telling my #students that you will have several careers in your lifetime. In my later years, I am beginning just one more career for my lifetime and I am very excited about it.

Yes, I have published before but those have been textbooks for secondary education and journals articles for professional organizations. Now I get to call myself a children’s book author with the soon to be published first in a series of #picturebooks about Gus, the #rescue #bassethound.

You might be thinking “I wish I could be a #writer.”

Well, you already are. We are all writers to some degree. We all have a story to tell. Each day, each of you tells a story whether you are talking with friends, sending a text, posting to whatever social media you may use, or simply draw a picture. Many think to be a writer, you need to tell a story so well written that it becomes #published.

Do this with me…write down one word that describes you today.

What one word did you write? For me, I wrote excited.

I am excited about this new career adventure I am working on. I am excited about those of you who will be following me as I continue this new adventure. I am excited for each of you to meet Gus and later to meet his fur-ever family.

Look at the one word you wrote.

Can you now put that one word into a sentence? What more can you say or write that goes along with that one word you wrote? Continue until you have three or four sentences.

This is what is called writing. It does not need to be perfect. It may not even be in any kind of order but it is still writing. Now you have begun!

Follow my blog posts and together we will all become writers of our own adventures in life.

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