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Never Stop Believing!

Have you ever wanted something to happen so bad and then it happens? Are you excited? Anxious to see what it looks like? Anxious because others are going to see your work?

That is how I am feeling right now! Yes, I am going to be a debut author in the summer of 2021 but I also have had two of my photographs published in products that others will purchase!

The first photo was purchased for a local Poetry calendar. It was so exciting. The amazing piece was that the month they used my photo for (without them knowing) is my birthday month, July. How exciting! Meet Pearl, my model for the photoshoot.

The other photo that was recently published was for the Cotton issue of Southerly Photographer magazine. It was taken one very cold, frosty morning of a cotton boll in a field that had not yet been harvested.

Never stop believing in your dreams, no matter your age. Dreams do come true. Be that author, photographer, performer, scientist, or even President of the United States. Never let you ethnicity, gender, others, or whatever (yourself) stop you from your dreams.

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Loralee Petersen
Loralee Petersen
Mar 19, 2021


When we are little we think of the milestones in a grown up life such as finding a career and getting married. It's a good thing that there's a lot more to life than that! There's always something new waiting around the corner no matter what your age is. Congratulations on your first sales in this field.

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Thank you!

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