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Gus Meets His Forever Family  ©

story by

Sherry Roberts

Gus stretched and yawned. He crawled from under the tree and began to look for Santa.


Suddenly he heard voices from another room and hid back under the tree.


“Dad, is it time yet?” a young voice yelled.


“Not until I turn on the lights.”


As Dad plugged in the lights for the tree, he saw Gus.


“Hello there, little fellow.” He put his hand out for Gus to smell. “Where did you come from?”  


Dad pulled Gus from under the tree and gave him a big hug.


Two boys rushed into the room.


“Is that a dog?”


“Is it ours?”


“Yes, the tag says he is for Maddox and Liam,” Dad said.


The boys jumped up and down. “Santa got us a dog!”


Maddox put his hand out to Gus. Gus sniffed and licked Maddox.


Dad showed Gus to Liam. “Pet his head and let him give you a kiss.”


Liam gave Gus a pat and giggled, “Gus is soft and his kisses tickle.”


” Who is this?” Mom asked as she came into the room.


“He’s our new dog!” Maddox told her.


“Well, hello little one. Where did you come from?”


“He was under the tree,” Liam gave Gus another pat.


“What’s his name?”


Dad looked at the tag on the ribbon as he set Gus on the floor. “His name is Gus.”

Gus started giving puppy kisses to everyone.


Liam ran to the fireplace to grab the stockings. “Look, there’s a stocking for Gus.”


He carried the stocking to Maddox. Together they looked inside. There was a red leash, a bone treat, and a red ball all for Gus.


Maddox rolled the ball across the floor. Gus tried to run but tumbled on his long ears.


As the boys continued to play with Gus, Mom looked at Dad. “It was nice of you to go back for the shelter puppy.”


Dad looked at Mom with surprise, “I didn’t get Gus. I thought you did?”


“Not me. Where did he come from?”


“I asked Santa for a dog. I knew he would not forget,” Maddox told Mom and Dad.


Mom and Dad smiled as they look at the sleeping dog beside two happy boys.

From the North Pole, Santa smiled knowing Gus now had his forever home. ©

Twas the Night Before Christmas...A First for Gus begins the story of Gus.

Gus: The Next Morning: Video
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